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Pushpad is a service for sending push notifications from your website or web app. It supports the Push API (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) and APNs (Safari).

It offers two different ways for collecting subscriptions to push notifications. Depending on your needs you may want to use one or the other.

Pushpad Express is the easiest way to create a channel to send push notifications to your users. When you create a new project you get a link. Add it to your website to let users subscribe to your notifications.

Pushpad Pro is made for developers and large projects who are looking for a simple and efficient Backend as a Service for sending push notifications. You manage user subscriptions directly on your website using the Javascript SDK.

Pushpad Express Shared Sender Pushpad Express Pushpad Pro
Installation time 1 minute 5 minutes 25 minutes
Technical skills required No Basic Yes
Dedicated domain & sender No Yes, a subdomain on Pushpad Yes, your own domain
How to collect subscriptions Share a link Share a link Custom
On your website
Javascript SDK No No Yes
SSL required No, it's managed by us No, it's managed by us Yes
Apple Developer account required No Yes, if you support Safari Yes, if you support Safari
Automation & RSS / API Yes Yes Yes
Segment audience User IDs
User IDs
User IDs
Manage subscriptions from dashboard / API No Yes Yes
Export subscriptions No Yes, but subscriptions are bound to the subdomain Yes