Saved segments

You can create custom segments in order to filter your audience when you send the notifications. You can define a custom segment each time that you send a notification or you can save a segment and use it later. This page describes a way of creating Saved segments from the dashboard. This is especially useful if you have complex queries to filter your audience and you plan to use them multiple times.

Go to your project, then click Segments and New segment. Enter your filters:

You can also use multiple conditions (e.g. tags and users) and only the subscriptions that match all the conditions will be included in the segment. You can read more about segmentation options in the Targeting section.

After you have created a segment, you can see the estimated number of browsers included in that segment. Go to Segments and click Show near the segment. If you click the number of browsers, you can see the list of the subscriptions. You can also refine or change your segment by clicking Edit.

Saved segments are lazily evaluated and thus interpreted when a notification is sent, not when the segment is created. For example, consider the following sequence of events: you create a segment with filter tag1, then you add the tag1 to a subscription and finally you send a notification to that segment. In that sequence, the device with tag1 will be automatically included in the segment.