Identity and access management

You can add members with limited access to your project.

Team members can only manage the notifications (i.e. send, view, cancel) and see the project stats.

The project owner can add a member using these steps:

  1. Ask the member to sign up to Pushpad. Members can use a free account and they don't need to provide billing information.
  2. Open the project in the Pushpad dashboard, click Members, New member and enter the email address of the user.

Finally the member can click Shared with me in the dashboard and open the project.

The project owner can add an unlimited number of members to a project.

Access can be revoked by clicking Members and then Delete near the user.

If you have different teams, you can use multiple projects and assign a different set of authors to each project.

The project owner can also allow unrestricted access to developers and applications using the Access tokens. Go to your account settings and click Access tokens, Add access token. You can restrict the token to a specific set of projects. However the access tokens grant full access to those projects and can perform any action.