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Transparent Pricing for Web Push Notifications

Start with just €5.00/mo for 100,000 notifications/mo.
Then scale up to millions of notifications per hour and pay only €0.00005 per notification.

€0.00005 per notification

Pay per use. No additional or hidden costs.
Starting at €5.00/mo which includes your first 100,000 notifications/mo.

Enterprise scalabilityMarketing & Transactional notifications
Unlimited websitesAnalytics
Unlimited devicesJavascript SDK for developers
Target segments & authenticated usersFull API & Libraries
Large images & Buttons & EmojiScheduled notifications
Your own domain & senderImport & Export
EU Privacy & Data is yoursWordpress plugin & Zapier app for RSS, etc.

Pricing in EUR. Excludes any applicable tax.

How am I billed?

You are billed monthly based on the exact number of notifications sent: each notification costs €0.00005. For example, if you send 1,234,567 notifications, then you are billed €61.73 (1,234,567 * €0.00005). However if you send less than 100,000 notifications per month, you are billed €5.00/mo. For example, if you send 90,000 notifications in a month, then you are billed €5.00.

How does Pushpad measure the number of notifications sent?

Every time you make a request to send a notification, Pushpad counts the number of devices that can be reached. For example, a notification sent to 1000 devices is counted as 1000 notifications. The notifications are charged regardless of the delivery status. However, if you try to reach a recipient that is not subscribed, that recipient is not counted.

Do you have other questions?

You can contact us and someone from the Pushpad team will be in touch soon.