Targeting options for web push notifications

You can send a web push notification to all your subscribers or reach only some of them: Pushpad offers different ways to target specific users or segments.

Multiple projects

You can create multiple projects for each website. Each project has a list of subscribers and is similar to a "mailing list". You can create projects manually from the Pushpad dashboard (or use the REST API).

Warning: you can use multiple projects for the same domain, but they must be associated to the same sender.

Use multiple projects when:


Inside a project, you can use tags to segment your audience and create groups of devices that can be targeted together. Unlike projects, tags are dynamic and can be created on the fly. Usually you add tags to a browser subscription using the Javascript SDK.

Use tags when:

You can read more about tags.


You can send web push notifications only to specific users or group of users by using their user ID (uid). You can set the user ID for a subscription using the Javascript SDK.

Use the user IDs when:

You can read more about user IDs.

Notification preferences

Sometimes you want to allow the user to opt in only to certain notifications while muting others.