Web push notifications on multiple domains

You can use a Pushpad account, or even a single project, to add web push notifications to multiple domains. Depending on your needs you can use one of the following strategies.

Different websites

If you have multiple websites and they are not related, then you should create a sender for each website. You can create multiple senders inside one account or use multiple accounts if you prefer.

For example, if you have a website about cars and onother about apples, then you should create two different senders for better separation and security.

Same project, multiple domains

If you have multiple domains that belong to the same application or that are strictly related, then you can use one sender for all the domains.

For example, if your website supports multiple languages, you may have a domain name for each language. In that case you can use the same sender for all the domains.

Wildcard subdomains or any domain

If you have a website or web app that consists of many different subdomains or domains, then you can use one sender for all the subdomains / domains.

For example, if you have a multi tenant web app that use a different subdomain / domain for each customer, then you can easily add push notifications to all subdomains / domains using just one sender. However your customers cannot export their data, because you use the same key pair for everyone (see "Different websites" for an alternative).