Sending web push notifications automatically with Zapier

You can integrate Pushpad with hundreds of web apps using Zapier, which is a service for easy integration of different services and task automation. For example you can automatically trigger a notification with Pushpad when there is a new item on an RSS feed, a new post is published on Twitter, or even when something happens in any of the hundreds of web apps supported by Zapier.

Notifications are not meant only for your public web apps. For example you may want to trigger notifications for yourself or your team: create a new project on Pushpad, then go to Zapier and configure the notifications for anything that can happen in the other apps that you use.

To see all the integrations, open the Pushpad app on Zapier.

Example: sending web push notifications from an RSS feed

In this example we use Zapier to automatically send a web push notificaion when there is a new item on an RSS feed.

  1. Go to Zapier and create a new Zap
  2. Choose a Trigger App: select RSS and then New Item in Feed
  3. Enter your Feed URL (e.g. https://www.example.com/feed)
  4. Choose an Action App: select Pushpad and then Send Push Notification
  5. Select Pushpad Account: click Connect an Account and enter an API Key
  6. Finally configure your notifications:
    • Project ID: select a project from your Pushpad account
    • Title: enter a title for the notifications (e.g. the name of your website)
    • Message: click near the field and select Title under New Item in Feed
    • Link: click near the field and select Link under New Item in Feed
    • You can leave the targeting options blank in order to reach all your subscribers in that project or you can select a specific segment (e.g. if you enter news as a segment, your notification will be sent only to devices that have a tag news)