Articles about web push notifications

How to send push notifications from a closed web app

One of the major features of web apps (both on desktop and mobile browsers) is the ability to send push notifications that are delivered even when the website is closed.

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Web Push TTL: definition and maximum value

When you send a web push notification, you need to set the TTL: what is it? What value should you use? This article describes the TTL and the best practices for setting its value.

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Multilingual notifications with Pushpad

It's easy to create segments based on the user preferred language. In this way you can send different notifications to users with different language preferences.

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How to send a web notification at a specific time

You can use the Push API to send timely notifications from your website (the notifications are delivered even when the user is not on your website). If you use Pushpad, a service for web push notifications, it is very simple to set the time when the notification must be delivered.

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