Articles about web push notifications

Reengage inactive users with web push notifications

You can use web push notifications to re-engage your users in many different ways. For example you can send transactional notifications to specific users when something happen or you can send large campaigns to all your subscribers. However in this tutorial we show a way to send notifications specifically to users who become inactive.

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Marketing with QR codes and web push notifications

Web push notifications have more features and are much cheaper compared to traditional SMS. They are generally the best choice for online businesses. However they have a drawback **for physical stores: it can be hard to make the user subscribe**. For SMS it is much easier: you just need to collect the phone number through a form (e.g. using paper). For web push is different: **you need to tell the user to visit a given website in order to subscribe**. Or... **you can use QR codes!**

Welcome notifications with Pushpad

Do you want to send a welcome message when a user subscribes to your web push notifications? Here's how to create welcome notifications using Pushpad Pro.

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Create welcome series with web push notifications

You can use web push notifications to create welcome series for the new users that sign up to your application. Let's see how to create a welcome series using Pushpad. 

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