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Unable to generate ICNS file for push notification package [solved]

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If you are struggling with the error above, but all your icons of the push package are of the correct size, you have probably set the wrong DPI.

Make sure that you use the following sizes and DPI:

  • 128x128@2x, 256x256px, 72DPI
  • 128x128, 128x128px, 72DPI
  • 32x32@2x, 64x64px, 72DPI
  • 32x32, 32x32px, 72DPI
  • 16x16@2x, 32x32px, 72DPI
  • 16x16, 16x16px, 72DPI

In order to change the DPI you can use ImageMagick for example:

$ convert -units PixelsPerInch src -density 72 dst