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Pushpad Express is deprecated (please move to Pushpad Pro)

Back in 2015 the first product that we launched was Pushpad Express. Then in the next years we have developed and launched a new product, called Pushpad Pro. Pushpad Pro has proven to be absolutely the best product and offers a lot of advantages compared to Express: that is why we have decided to stop supporting Pushpad Express. All project that use Pushpad Express must move to Pushpad Pro before 1st February 2019. After that date all project that use Pushpad Express will be removed.

I use Pushpad Express, what I should do?

You need to migrate to Pushpad Pro. Here's what we recommend to do:

  1. Create a new sender and a new project using Pushpad Pro and install Pushpad Pro on your website. You can follow the Getting started guide.
  2. Send some notifications to your old subscribers (from your old project): when they open the notification and they land on your website they will see a prompt asking if they want to receive the notifications from your website. If they say yes, they will be subscribed to your new project.
  3. (Optional) When you have migrated your users to your new project you can delete your old project and sender to avoid confusion. Otherwise your old project will be deleted automatically on 1st February 2019.

Why are you deprecating Pushpad Express?

Pushpad Pro is much better compared to Pushpad Express and we want to focus all our efforts on our main product. We also want to make sure that all our users use the best product. This is why we are asking you to migrate to Pushpad Pro. Here's some other advantages that you will get:

  • White-label: your notifications clearly come from your own domain and you don't see the Pushpad branding
  • Higher conversion rates: you can display the prompt for notifications directly on your domain
  • More clear for the user: the user clearly understands who sends him the notifications and can easily switch the notifications on or off for your domain
  • Targeting: you can easily attach data to subscriptions and target users or segments
  • Data portability: you can import / export data and subscriptions
  • Secure: you have a good reason to serve your website over HTTPS, which is a must-have today (many hosting services offer free SSL today)
  • Tested by millions: you will get a product that is currently used by major websites with millions of subscribers