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Does Brave browser support web push notifications?

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Brave is a privacy-focused browser, with a small market share, and you may be surprised to learn that it supports web push notifications.

The standard for web push notifications (W3C Push API) is completely focused on privacy. Data sent through notifications is encrypted end-to-end and cannot be read by the push service. Also note that the endpoint (device token) for sending notifications cannot be used to track you across websites, like cookies, because it is site-specific. Moreover, a recipient cannot be identified using only the endpoint, so it's safer than an email address. Notifications can also be turned off at any time, from browser settings, so you don't have a problem with spam or unwanted notifications (like in the case of SMS or emails).

Basically if you are someone concerned with your privacy, you can still use web push notifications.

That's the reason why Brave allows web push notifications.

Notifications might work by default, as soon as you install the browser. Otherwise you just need to enable them from browser settings:

  • Open the browser settings for privacy: brave://settings/privacy
  • Then enable the option "Use Google services for push messaging"

Finally note that Pushpad supports all browsers that are standard compliant, including all minor browsers (like Brave).