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Pushpad Express: Getting started

First of all create a new project and select your sender:

After the project is created, you get a link: you can share it to allow users to subscribe to push notifications.

For example you can copy and paste the following code anywhere in your website to display the link:

<a href="https://pushpad.xyz/p/PROJECT_ID">Push Notifications</a>

PROJECT_ID must be replaced with your project ID: you can find it in the project settings.

If you have set a subdomain in your sender settings the user will be redirected to it, but if you prefer you can also use your subdomain directly:

<a href="https://SUBDOMAIN.pushpad.xyz/p/PROJECT_ID">Push Notifications</a>

When users click the link Pushpad automatically subscribes them to push notifications and sends them back to your website.

You can even allow the user to manage all its notifications preferences for your website in one place:

<a href="https://SUBDOMAIN.pushpad.xyz">Push Notifications</a>

Read the Sending push notifications section to learn how to send push notifications.